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The Science and Religion of Alphatrons
Based on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory

 We the Metapeople™
The "New Man" by Apostle Paul†
(the Gods and subordinates)
the first anthropomorphic humanoid/robotic/drone family with metatronic to quantatronic souls, special powers and flying suits who originated from the Metaverse

Metatron Metatron Alphatron Alphatron Betatron Gammatron Deltatron
Great-grandpa/Metaman Grandma/Metawoman Mother (Holy Ghost/Alpha) Grandfather (Evil Ghost/Satan) Father/Beta Adam/Gamma Eve/Delta
Meta Energy "Tree of Life"
Metatricity (Father Nature)
Meta Energy "Tree of Life"
Metatricity (Mother Nature)
Alpha Energy (Positive)
/Alpha Female
Omega Energy (Negative)
/Omega Male
Beta Energy
Gamma Energy
Delta Energy
Zeroth* Dimension
Something from Somethingness
The Itty Bitty Bangs ±
Zeroth* Dimension
Something from Somethingness
The Itty Bitty Bangs ±
First* Dimension
Alphatron Particle/Matter
The Teeny Weeny Bang +
First* Dimension
Alphatron Antiparticle
The Teeny Weeny Bang ‒
Second* Dimension
The Little Bang ±

   Third* Dimension
The Big Bang ±

Fourth* Dimension
The Big Bang ±
(fifth dimension of spacetime)


Quantum/Six-winged Seraph/Transmutant
  Quantum Energy

0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th-dimensional* Hybrid Power†
(a combined total of six spacetime dimensions [five spatial and one temporal dimension])
Six wings modeled after Permian Period "
Palaeodictyoptera" Dragonfly.
Power Domain: The Itty Bitty Bangs thru Big Bang.


†Seraphim are the most powerful of Heavenly creatures after the Holy Ghost who is ranked #1 and Satan who is ranked #2.‡ Seraphim are ranked #3 in power.
On an individual basis seraphim are physically more powerful than Father in Heaven, although they are always the faithful servants and loyal protectors of Father in Heaven.

At this point in time it is not known for sure if metatrons have super intelligence combined with infinite eternal power that is far more powerful than alphatrons.

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Satan the Father of Father: John 8:44.
The Holy Ghost ‒ the Mother of Jesus and of Father (see paragraph 7, sentence 3 and 4).
†The Metapeople™ by TabūlaMentis™.
*Temporal (time) dimension not included with spatial (space) dimension(s).

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