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The Science and Religion of Alphatrons

Based on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory and BAM (Beta/Alpha/Meta) Thesis

  The Great Testament  


In the Planning Stage: The Great Testament is the newest holy book dedicated solely to the Holy Ghost (Spirit) and Satan to proceed the Old Testament about the Father, and the New Testament about the Son in compliance with the theologian Joachim of Fiore. Coincidentally, the Great Testament also precedes the Old and New Testament as well which can include many, if not all, types of religions, groups, and tribal rituals combined, such as: spankings, Yin and Yang, Satanists, Church of Franklinstein and special consideration will also be taken into account towards the laws of robotics, and for the LGBTQR* community. Finally, the Spirits of God (Alpha, the Holy Ghost, the Mother of Father and Omega, the Evil Ghost, the Father of Father) will now have their own book with them together once again as alphatrons the way they were both created naturally a long, long time ago via pair production/matter creation. In conclusion, hate is forbidden from being within the Great Testament. The Holy Ghost is about love, the latter Satan is about evil! For more detailed information please visit our webpage titled Alphatron Supercross. But wait, there is more. There are the infinite eternal Metatron's who have existed forever and ever, for example; the New Testament was dedicated to the Son who was born into 3D space, the Old Testament was dedicated to Father who was born into 2D space, the Great Testament is dedicated to Alpha and Omega who were born into 1D space, and there are also the "Metatron's" our Greatest Grandfather and Grandmother "Father and Mother Nature" who have always existed in infinite-eternal 0D space. For more detailed information about the Metatron's please visit our webpage titled Metaverse.
*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Robots/Robotics (sexbots).

Having sex with humanmade humanoid sexbots produced by quantum teleporters/cloning devices (replicators) is not considered being queer!

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